Vol 7, No 2 (2015)

Table of Contents

Properties of composite positive continuous functions in $\mathbb{C}^n$ Article References
A. I. Bandura 137-147
On convergence (2,1,...,1)-periodic branched continued fraction of the special form Article References
D. I. Bodnar, M. M. Bubniak 148-154
The Bargmann type reduction for some Lax integrable two-dimensional generalization of the relativistic Toda lattice Article References
O. Ye. Hentosh 155-171
Generalized types of the growth of Dirichlet series Article References
T. Ya. Hlova, P. V. Filevych 172-187
Gelfand local Bezout domains are elementary divisor rings Article References
B. V. Zabavsky, O. V. Pihura 188-190
The limiting oscillations of continuous functions Article (Українська) References
O. V. Maslyuchenko, D. P. Onypa 191-196
Separating polynomials and uniform analytical and separating functions Article (Українська) References
M. A. Mytrofanov 197-208
Convergence in $L^p[0,2\pi]$-metric of logarithmic derivative and angular $\upsilon$-density for zeros of entire function of slowly growth Article References
M. R. Mostova, M. V. Zabolotskyj 209-214
On estimates for the Jacobi transform in the space $L^{p}(\mathbb{R}^{+}, J^{\alpha,\beta}(x)dx)$ Article References
S. El Ouadih, R. Daher 215-219
On the multiplicative order of elements in Wiedemann's towers of finite fields Article References
R. Popovych 220-225
Geometry of hypersurfaces of a quarter symmetric non metric connection in a quasi-Sasakian manifold Article References
Sh. Rahman 226-235
A study on integer additive set-valuations of signed graphs Article References
N. K. Sudev, K. A. Germina 236-246
On properties of the solutions of the Weber equation Article References
Yu. S. Trukhan 247-253
Strictly diagonal holomorphic functions on Banach spaces Article References
O. I. Fedak, A. V. Zagorodnyuk 254-258
Uniform boundary controllability of a discrete 1-D Schrödinger equation Article References
Z. Hajjej, M. Balegh 259-270
Paley-Wiener-type theorem for polynomial ultradifferentiable functions Article References
S. V. Sharyn 271-279

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