Non-Entrepreneurial Legal Entity: The Theoretical And Legal Analysis Of The System

  • Olha Zozuliak
Keywords: legal entity, non-entrepreneurial legal entity, characteristics of a non-entrepreneurial legal entity.


The article is devoted to the theoretical and legal analysis of issues related to the range of problems connected with development of such legal model as ‘non-entrepreneurial legal entity’. In the scientific work the author makes an analysis of those concepts which are submitted by the leading Ukrainian scholars and concern the formation of civil-law terminology in general and that is applied to the non-entrepreneurial legal entities, in particular.
The author has concluded that it is expedient to apply the set of criteria during formation of the non-entrepreneurial legal entity. The article gives the definition of non-entrepreneurial legal entity in the narrow and broad meanings.
The author presents one’s own definition of the system of the non-entrepreneurial legal entity, as a legal entity of public or private law, whether of corporate or unitary type, which is specially established in the different areas of social life and endowed with a special legal capacity.
The non-entrepreneurial legal entity shall be entitled to carry out activities with a view to profit but it doesn’t distribute it among participants (members).


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