Questions Of Notion Of Corporate Agreement

  • Nataliia Shcherbakova
Keywords: corporate agreement, essence of agreement, subject of agreement, conditions of property character, conditions of organizationally-administrative character, rights and duties, plenary powers, responsibility for non-fulfillment of corporate agreement, indemnification.


The article is sanctified to the analysis of notion of corporate agreement. As an essence of corporate agreement come forward its substantial conditions: subject, conditions of property character and conditions of organizationally-administrative character. Subject of corporate agreement - is complex in that it is necessary to take into account all constituents: corresponding rights and plenary powers of participants; legal frameworks of limitation of rights and duties; rules of behavior, after that there are realization of such rights and plenary powers. Methods of providing of fulfilling commitment, that follow from a corporate agreement, and the measures of civil liability for non-fulfillment or improper implementation of such obligations it is necessary to provide for in a corporate agreement. It is suggested as responsibility for non-fulfillment of conditions of the corporate agreement to apply indemnification in a hard sum.


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