Spiritual Values As An Insurance Of The Development Of Criminology Of The Future In The Route Of Politico-Social Processes Of Ukraine And The World

  • V.V. Holubosh
Keywords: spiritual and cultural values, criminology of the future, politico-socio processes, political criminology, Ukrainian statehood


The author draws a parallel between these phenomena in line with the spiritual and cultural values of Ukrainian people, traditionalism and national law; enunciate scientific provisions for the future development of criminology. The political tendencies of the Ukrainian society with its corruption component that lead to the division of the country, which is increasing every time, are considered. The further development of political criminology is emphasized. It is argued that the criminology of the future on the basis of spiritual values has a right to exist in view of its diversity and socio-cultural ties.

Exemption from ideological pressure and state supervision provided an opportunity for innovative development of Ukraine. At the same time, the epoch of pluralism has led to a diversity of political life. A significant part of the citizens of our state sees themselves as a part of the Russian Federation, and another - in Greater Europe. At the same time, the path to federalization is disastrous. It is emphasized the special role of criminological science in modern conditions, the subject field of which is quite wide. Criminology of the future presupposes the need for its development on the basis of the religious component, in particular the development of alternative types of punishment. A historical retrospective of Christianity from ancient times to the present day is conducted in the context of identifying the causes of crime and ways to overcome it. There is a need to develop a new direction of criminological science - the spiritual values concept of legal consciousness as a socio-cultural phenomenon. It is emphasized that humanism and positivism are gradually collapsing and the spiritual and value principles of mankind are coming to the fore in order to preserve life on the planet. According to the author’s opinion, the development of this concept of criminology in the context of global challenges and modern realities involves the study of its interdisciplinary links and the introduction of the best global tendencies in the fight against crime in our country.