Environmental Information Relations As A Subject Of Legal Regulation

  • L.R. Danyliuk
Keywords: environmental information, environmental information support, environmental information legal relations.


The article is devoted to the study of environmental information relations as a subject of legal regulation. The research first of all establishes a system of legislative acts aimed at coordinating relations on environmental information support in Ukraine. The concept and content of ecological information as an object of environmental information legal relations are also considered in detail. In addition, the characteristics and features of the subject composition of the relevant legal relationship are clarified.

The right to environmental information is fundamental and is one of the priorities in the system of environmental rights. However, the very concept of environmental information is complex and its understanding is not limited to the right to environmental information, which is especially important in determining the environmental information relations and the study of their structure. In the conditions of the information society formed today the proper legislative and organizational maintenance of any information relations becomes more and more important. If we talk about environmental information relations, then in fact the level of their legal regulation and quality of operation depends on the possibility of exercising not only the right to environmental information, but to some extent other environmental rights.

Informing in the field of environmental protection is the subject of discussion in the works of many representatives of the science of environmental law. At the same time, the analysis of legal relations regarding environmental information support, identification of their features, clarification of practical aspects of functioning remain relevant.

The purpose of this article is to study environmental information relations as a subject of legal regulation. For its successful achievement it is necessary to allocate the acts of the legislation regulating the corresponding relations, to consider the object of environmental information legal relations, to characterize their subjective structure.