Criminal Legal Awareness (To The Concept Of Content)

  • P.L. Fris
Keywords: legal awareness, criminal legal legal awareness, legal behavior of a person, national criminal legal mentality


In the article the author argues that criminal legal awareness is an element of public legal consciousness, which is a set of legal views and feelings, legal ideals, ideas, theories, concepts that are normative in nature and include both knowledge of criminal law phenomena and assessment them in terms of social justice, as well as new legal requirements for improving criminal law regulation and criminal law protection of public relations of goods and interests, the practice of their application that reflect economic and political needs and interests of social development.

The formation of criminal law legal consciousness is a complex and ambiguous process that takes place under the influence of many factors - socio-economic, socio­political, psychological and others.

In it a significant role belongs to the ratio of criminal law legal consciousness with moral consciousness. Only with their complete coincidence can we talk about the morality of criminal law legal consciousness, and in the end, when through the criminal law ideology the latter is transformed into the rule of law, and the morality of criminal law.

The article argues that the national criminal law mentality is a holistic system of mental, emotional, cultural characteristics, values and attitudes of the people, which reflects the assessment of criminal law as a system of regulation and protection of critical social relations, benefits and interests and practices of its application that takes place on the basis of historical dimension and formed on the basis of this general requirements for legislative and law enforcement processes.