Ukraine’s Image Losses From Crime: Consequences Of Intangible Content

  • I.B. Medytskyi
Keywords: consequences of crime, intangible consequences of crime, image, organized crime, corruption.


The article substantiates the need to intensify criminological knowledge of the fundamental problem of the consequences of crime. It is emphasized that finding out the extent of the consequences of crime is of both scientific and purely practical interest. The nature of the consequences, their parameters, levels of manifestation, recipients, «price» and other points must be taken into account when developing a preventive effect on crime.

The concept of intangible consequences of crime from the point of view of representatives of criminal law and criminological science is considered. The author’s definition of intangible consequences of crime as «generated by crime for the individual, society, state consequences of not materialized nature, the manifestations of which are the infliction of mental (moral) harm to individuals and non-pecuniary damage to public and private legal entities, civil society institutions, state» . Given the nature of the damage, the intangible consequences of crime are proposed to be considered on an individual basis; public and state levels.

The interconnectedness of the state policy to combat crime and the image of Ukraine in the international arena was noted. The conclusion about the presence of image measures of legal direction in a number of current regulations is formulated. It was stated that the criminogenic situation in the country continues to be a powerful destabilizing factor, an obstacle to the establishment and development of good neighborly relations with civilized countries, damaging the image of Ukraine and entailing specific adverse consequences in the form of unrealized programs. The analysis of the data of the international ratings testifying to necessity of actualization of efforts of Ukraine in struggle: against organized crime is carried out; terrorist crimes; corruption; money laundering; infringement of intellectual property.