Sings Of Terrorist Organizations: International Legal And National Legal Dimensions

  • V.O. Levchuk
Keywords: terrorism, terrorist organization, terrorist group, terrorist activity, anti - terrorist legislation, criminal liability, definition.


The article examines the problem of defining the features of the concept of «terrorist organization» in international anti-terrorist conventions. In addition, these features are compared with those defined in the national legislation of Ukraine, in particular, in the Law of Ukraine «On Combating Terrorism» and in the Criminal Code of Ukraine.

It is concluded that the legislator of Ukraine in the implementation of international law in domestic law may deviate from the classical, internationally defined approach, given certain features of both the national legal system and the internal existence of the country, which requires nationally adapted legal regulation of public relations.

The features of the concept of «terrorist organization» in the conventions of international organizations are highlighted. In particular, this applies to Ukraine in terms of recognizing the self-proclaimed «Donetsk People’s Republic» and «Luhansk People’s Republic» as terrorist organizations.

Given the characteristics of the concept of «terrorist organization», which were defined in the international legal and national legal dimensions, it is proposed to understand a stable criminal organization that has an internal structure created to carry out terrorist activities and (or) harm the national security of Ukraine.