Manifestations and the state of research of the problems of the use of expert knowledge in the fields of legal sciences in the mechanism of law enforcement of civil law norms


  • L.A. Romanovska


knowledge in the field of legal sciences, special knowledge, specialized legal knowledge, scientific-legal expertise, comprehensive scientific expertise, law enforcement mechanism


In the scientific article on the basis of analysis of scientific literature, legislation of Ukraine, materials of practice the essence and concept of expert knowledge in different branches of legal sciences and forms of their generalization - scientific and legal expertise are investigated. The publications that initiated the study of these concepts are indicated. The existing scientific approaches, judicial practice and practical examples of the problems of using expert knowledge in the field of legal sciences in the mechanism of law enforcement are characterized, an attempt is made to give the author’s recognition of the definitions of «special legal knowledge» and «scientific and legal expertise». Particular attention in the article is paid to the use of knowledge of experts in the field of legal sciences for solving practical problem situations, for which scientific and legal expertise or complex scientific expertise was carried out.