Repressive and disinformation campaigns of the Russian-communist regime against the editorial office of «Ukrainian Herald» in the context of the destruction of the independent press


  • Vasyl Derevinskyi


V. Chornovil, Ukrainian Herald, Herald, information war, repression, disinformation.


The article deals with the situation of the Ukrainian independent press during the years of existence of the Russian-communist totalitarian regime in Ukraine. In particular, repressive and disinformation campaigns against the publishers of the magazine Ukrainian Herald were considered. The initiator, founder and publisher of Visnyk was the well-known Ukrainian statesman and public-politician Vyacheslav Chornovil. It is noted that V. Chornovol’s editorial office had to withstand large-scale repressive and disinformation attacks both during the first (1970–1972) and second (1997–1989) periods of publication of Ukrainian Herald. The magazine, as an information organ of the indomitable Ukrainian figures of the national movement, became a primary target for the Russian-communist special services in Ukraine. In the first period of the magazine’s printing, V. Chornovil hid the names of the publishers, taking into account the large-scale persecution, he acted underground, because this was the only way to ensure the publication of the magazine as long as possible. During a new attempt to cosmetically repair the Russian-communist totalitarian regime, during which slogans about glasnost and democratization were proclaimed, it became possible to legally publish a magazine. Therefore, V. Chornovil openly resumed its printing, realizing that he would have to enter into an inevitable information confrontation with the regime. The experience gained in the previous period of struggle, communication links with representatives of liberation movements of other nations, as well as the involvement of the general public helped him withstand a large-scale information war.It turned out that V. Chornovola’s magazine, with a circulation of 30-50 copies of each issue, was able to withstand the multi-million circulations of the Russian-communist press. The materials of «Herald» conveyed to the readers information that could not be found on the pages or broadcasts of the communist officialdom.Therefore, Ukrainian Herald became a popular and readable edition of the new Ukrainian press.