Special training of personnel and advanced training of the system of justice bodies of Ukraine, through the prism of the construction and functioning of the military justice system of Ukraine


  • Oleksandr Shamara


military justice, justice bodies, personnel training for the justice system


In the conditions of the armed aggression of the Russian Federation against Ukraine, the creation and functioning of the system of Military Justice of Ukraine, responsible for ensuring law and order, the administration of justice, the protection of human rights in the military, military and defense spheres and as a component of ensuring the national security of Ukraine, acquires exceptional importance. within the powers of the bodies that will be part of its system, measures to ensure military security, namely the protection of state sovereignty, territorial integrity and the democratic constitutional order and other vital national interests from military threats.
Regardless of the above-mentioned approaches to the construction of the system of the Military Justice of Ukraine, one of the key issues of its functioning will be the effective organization and implementation of special training and advanced training of its personnel.
In this regard, it should be noted that several key «players» (state bodies/educational institutions) operate in the system of justice bodies of Ukraine, which, in accordance with current legislation, carry out special training and advanced training of judges, prosecutors and lawyers: Training Center of Prosecutors of Ukraine, National School of Judges of Ukraine, Higher School of Advocacy.