Classical Size Effects in Sb Doped SnTe Thin Films


  • Ya.P. Saliy Vasyl Stefanyk Precarpathian National University



tin telluride, thin film, thickness, size effect


The possibility of obtaining strongly degenerate (> 4×1020 сm-3) SnTe thin films (d = 200 - 2000 nm) with p-type conductivity by thermal evaporation in vacuum of SnTe crystals doped with Sb, with subsequent condensation onto as (0001) mica and sytal substrates, was established. The thickness dependences of electro-physical properties of thin films were obtained. In this region of thickness there was growth of the carrier mobility with thickness, which is attributable to manifestation of classical size effect and interpreted in the framework of Fuchs-Sondheimer theory. These measurements show little correlation between the length of free path of charge cattiers and the lateral diameter of surface objects.


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Saliy, Y. (2017). Classical Size Effects in Sb Doped SnTe Thin Films. Physics and Chemistry of Solid State, 18(1), 75–77.



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