A study Electronic structure of InSb: Experiment and Theory


  • Sameen F. Mohammed Department of Mechanical Techniques, Technical Institute Kirkuk, Northern Technical University, Iraq
  • Mahmood A. Mohammed Department of Mechanical Techniques, Technical Institute Kirkuk, Northern Technical University, Iraq




Ionic model (IM), Compton profile (Cp), Indium Antimonite (InSb), Electron momentum density (EMD), LCAO method


The current study show the results related to investigating the Compton scattering(Cs) of Indium Antimonite (InSb). 241Am with 59.54 keV Gamm-radiations source Compton  spectrometer is employed for the purpose of experimental measurement. The technique of linear combination of atomic orbitals (LCAO) is utilized within the framework of density functional theory (DFT),is used to assess the theoretical values of distributing the electron momentum density. A comparison was then made between the research findings and empirical data. Additionally, calculations employing the ionic model (IO) based on the 5p state of In and the 5p state of Sb atoms reveal that 0. 5 electrons of the state of 5pIn may have been transferred to the 5p state of Sb atoms in order to estimate the charge transfer in indium antimonite (InSb).


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