The Organization Of The Operation Field Collections

  • S.V. Kaduk
Keywords: full-scale collection, accounting information, reference and support material, forensic and meaningful objects and Information Collection, information retrieval systems.


The biggest opportunity lies in the proper formation and effective use of various types of field collections, a form of reference for ease of reference counts. The objects of these collections do not have a causal connection with the crime, registration symptoms are detected inside, outside, or through special studies. These objects include, for example: firearms and cold steel, ammunition; typical tools of crime and the traces of their use; drugs and potent pharmaceuticals, paints and varnishes. However, the set of common features characterizing these objects, can then be useful during the investigation of specific crimes, as it provides an opportunity to establish the group affiliation of the respective traces, objects, implements and the like, to decide on diagnostic problems and to establish important, especially for investigation, the circumstances of their Commission, and the like.

However, the effectiveness of the use of field collections in the investigation of crimes still remains very low. Available forensically-reference collection are not quite the orderly and systematic, which makes them difficult to use. This is due, primarily, to the lack of a single scientifically based and supported their acquisition and use.

Any information fund requires a clear and systematic system of accumulation. Formation of collections is an important and responsible step acquisition accounting background support. Because of the completeness and correctness of the selection of samples - standards, adequate representation they needed to address the specific problem of expert features and properties depend on the results of expert surveys.

Summary of available material, learning experience possible to formulate some basic methodological and organizational issues concerning the process of creating a full-scale collections.

The process of creating a collection of field - a purposeful collection, storage and sorting according to designed system usually homogeneous forensic-critical facilities for the effective provision of further information search, due primarily problem solving criminal proceedings.

Creating a collection of field, first set the destination collection, types of objects and their sources, methods of processing, systematization and storage, as well as the timing of replacement of these facilities and upgrades.