Forensic Characterization Of Robberies

  • S.M. Krul
Keywords: robbery; criminological characteristics; violence


Robbery is the serious offense, the most dangerous way of taking the property of another. When committing it, criminals attempt to take anything of value by force that may be accompanied with the victim's injury. The article analyzes the criminological characteristics of robbery with the aim of further investigation of this type of crime.

To achieve this goal the following tasks have been resolved:

  • Differentiation of robbery from other offenses;
  • Characterization of robbery from the criminological point of view.

According to the current Criminal Code of Ukraine, robbery is the crime of taking the property of another accomplished by violence dangerous for the person's life and health, and threat of such violence. Violence in robbery is characterized by forming a threat to the victim's life or health. Providing forensic characterization of robbery, it should be noted that this crime is the most dangerous mercenary and violent. It infringes on two objects: the life and health of individuals and ownership. With the objective of robbery, it is committed in the form of an attack with an aim of taking the property of another, accomplished by violence dangerous for person's life or health who was attacked or the threat of such violence. Robbery should be understood as a sudden, unexpected, short, aggressive, violent act aimed at the unlawful taking of another's property.

The attack can be both open and secret. Therefore, the knowledge of facts and circumstances that create the environment in which an investigator works, prevailing situation at the time of investigation, helps to determine the tasks for primary solution, select the types of proceedings, consistency and tactics.