Institution Alanalysis Of The System Of Recruitment And Placement Of Management Personnel In The Western Regions Of The Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic In The 1950th - 1980th.

  • A.O. Redko
Keywords: administrative elite, the communist party nomenclature, recruitmen tinstitute, main management personnel, personnel reserve.


The system of recruitment and placement of management personnel in the independent Ukraine is drastically different from the following system in the Soviet Ukraine. In the independent Ukraine this system is constituted of the ruling and opposition parties, civil society organizations, and in the Soviet Ukraine, this system was formed with CPSU (Communist Party of the Soviet Union), LYCLSU (the All-Union Leninist Young Communist League of the Soviet Union) and USSR trade unions. Besides that, in the independent Ukraine it is used quota principle of placement of management personnel, and in the Soviet Ukraine nomenclature principle was involved.

The problem of the institutional recruitment and placement of management personnel in the western regions of the Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic in 1950­1980 were researched by A.D. Horbul, M.P.Karpov, N.F. Mishchenko, I.A. Sheets, G.M. Sevostianov, T.P. Rubtsova, Y.S. Kalakura. However, they did not take into account all the aspects of this problem and did not provide complex historical and legal analysis, its short comings and operational defects.

The main goal of this article is the research of the under-investigated aspects of the problem, differences, strengths and weaknesses of the recruitment and placement of management personnel in the Soviet Ukraine in the process of the institutional analysis.