The History Of Legal Ecological Safety

  • K.Yu. Petrenko
Keywords: stages of legal environmental security, Pan-European Biological and Landscape Diversity Strategy, ecological safety, ecological balance.


In this scientific article highlights a major problem and the effects of environmental pollution and legal means, mechanisms to ensure ecological balance and safety. The peculiarities of legal regulation of this problem since pre-industrial era to today. Exploring the history of formation of legal environmental safety, I concluded that scientists have not reached a consensus on the specific date of formation of the first legal mechanism to combat pollution. I propose to identify the stages of legal environmental safety not like it was before in this scientific work. Thus, exploring the formation of a legal environmental security, I propose to divide the story into the following stages:

  • (1300-1950): stage environmental policy to combat environmental pollution;
  • (1951-1971): no EU legal competence in the field of environment.
  • (1972-1985): beginning of legal regulation in the field of ecology and appearance of the first programs in this area.
  • (1986-1991): stage of fixing competence in the field of environmental protection at EU institutions.
  • (1992-2002): improvement of EU environmental policy
  • (2003 - to nowadays): EU environmental policy is carried out of the authority of the Community.

Also, in this scientific article, I explore contemporary legal mechanisms of legal maintenance of ecological safety and balance.