To The Current Legislation Of Ukraine


  • V.A. Vasylieva


principles of lawmaking, systemicity, legislation, effectiveness of legislation


In the article the author analyzes modern problems of lawmaking. It has been established that radically new economic relations in Ukraine require substantially new legislation, and the permissibility of regulation of social relations leads to the need for a large amount of normative material. At the same time, its quantitative composition has long overtaken qualitative indicators. The initiators of the legislative acts at the same time forgot about the basic law-making principles such as the system of law­making, the use of general principles in the design of legal norms, the inviolability of laws, the inadmissibility of narrowing the scope of rights by a rule that has less legal force, etc. It became a rule, when normative acts do not pass the stages of public discussions, regional experiments, are not admitted to public professional discussions, etc., and already only because of this can be considered ineffective. On the example of some normative acts, the author states the lack of systematic and non-compliance with the general principles of lawmaking.