Contracts For The Use Of Housing Under The Laws Of Ukraine


  • M. K. Haliantych


housing, housing relations, systematization of contracts, use of housing, commercial employment, social recruitment.


The article explores the complex criteria for the classification of civil contracts in the sphere of realization of the right to use housing for individuals. On the basis of finding the essence of the division of criteria determined by the structure of the contract as part of the subjective rights of use. It is proposed to carry out classification on a multilink system at each stage of the classification of contracts should be divided according to the criterion of use specific housing that provides satisfaction natural housing needs of an individual.

Methodology should be directed to: achieving internal unity of legal norms, that is to resolve conflicts and gaps, resulting in increased efficiency legislation and regulation of legal material, ie a classification that provides the user legislative array. Housing legislation Ukraine needs to update its quality and therefore one of the main problems in housing legislation is to create a clear legal mechanism to ensure smooth implementation of the right to use housing for effective legal protection of individuals from eviction. Division of civil contracts should be for multi-tier system and every step of classifying contracts are divided by using specific criterion housing, which also accommodate the housing needs of an individual.

Solving practical issues related to discrepancies between the rules of civil, family, housing legislation regarding the regulation of human subjects of housing tenure relationships can be eliminated by adopting consistent with the relevant provisions of the Civil Code of Ukraine, the Family Code of Ukraine, the new Housing Code Ukraine, which has the right to determine the features of tenure. The purpose of regulation Housing Code of Ukraine, which is a special law should be exactly the full range of housing relations, and be directly applicable. The key to the new Housing Code of Ukraine should be the protection of housing rights directly related to the use of housing for habitation.