Shareholder's Agreement: Analysis Of Current And Perspective Corporate Legislation


  • L.V. Sishchuk


shareholder's agreement, a shareholder, joint stock company, stock (share), joint stock legislation, corporate rights, privacy, creditors, third parties.


The article reviews the regulatory requirements regarding the regulation shareholder's agreement. Analyzes the scientific approaches to disclosure of shareholder's agreements and their specific of application in the practical sphere. Is analyzed novel of perspective legislation about an object, subjects, contents (conditions) of share agreement. Is proved that the condition of confidentiality content of share agreement must be compulsory only for those who are not shareholders. Shareholders who are not party to the contract and the joint stock company should have the right to inspect the content of the joint-stock agreement by sending one copy of the contract to a joint stock company. Is argued that the parties of share agreement should be only shareholders of joint stock company whose actions are aimed primarily at satisfying corporate interest of the company. Reveals the the question of the application features of share agreement, along with imperative and dispositive rules of joint stock legislation and regulations of statute. Attention is paid to measures of of responsibility for inadequate performance or non-performance of joint stock agreement.