Creation The Non-Governmentalelite Of Hetmanate

  • L.T. Prystash
Keywords: non-government officer, noble military society, military post-office.


In the scientific article the author investigates the legal status of the social composition of different levels of societies (Bunchuk, badge, military), his education and life. The development of state structures of the Hetmanate demanded new approaches to the formation of Cossack judiciary positions, which was ensured by the functioning of the non-governmental Cossack elderly, which was an important link for career growth in the service.

Non-governmental elite of the XVII century. performed various service orders, united in the military, diplomatic, representation, judicial, administrative and economic and financial functions. All functions of the non-governmental elderly survived and diversified in the next century, when Bunchuk and Symbol are singled out, and later also military societies.