Functional Correlation Of Criminal Law And Criminological Policy In The Field Of Combating Crime

  • I.V. Kozych
Keywords: criminal-law policy, criminological policy, functions of policy in the field of combating crime.


The current legal policy of Ukraine is a set of multi-level means of influencing society in order to ensure its consolidation and the stability of development through legal regulation and protection. A significant role in this is played by the policy in the field of combating crime, the main task of which is criminal, criminal procedure, criminal-executive and criminological (preventive) protection of the most important social relations and interests.

All sub-systems of crime prevention policy have a single subject of influence - crime. In this regard, we can state the existence of a functional relationship between all the subsystems of crime policy. But each of them has its own tools and means, methods and methodology enshrined in the law on the basis of the general principles of a single policy in the field of counteraction to crime.

Criminal policy forms the legislative basis for combating crime, distinguishing between criminal offenses and non-criminality, punishing from a morally condemned person, or imposing other measures of influence that are regulated by other branches of the law of Ukraine. The extent to which the scope of the offense is declared to be criminal, which types and extent of punishment are foreseen for such acts, under what conditions and on what grounds criminal liability will be excluded, depends the final development of the criminal-procedural, criminal-executive and criminological (preventive) policies.