Problems Of Administrative And Legal Provision Of The Right Of A Person To Freedom Of Speech In Ukraine And Ways Of Their Solution

  • T.V. Zbyrak
Keywords: the right to freedom of speech, the right to free expression of opinion, information policy of the state, administrative and legal support.


The article analyzes the problematic issues of the administrative and legal provision of the right to freedom of speech, to counter censorship, to implement the state information policy, to establish control over the observance of freedom of speech and to establish administrative responsibility, the problem of morality of freedom of speech, and responsibility for the said.

On the basis of the analysis of legislation and scientific views, the author needs to adopt the Information Code of Ukraine, which will promote the construction of a developed information society, ensuring the right to freedom of speech and free access to public information, development of national information resources.

The author believes that in order to ensure freedom of speech and information, satisfaction of spiritual, cultural, professional and other requests of citizens, it is necessary to amend Articles 212-3 of the Kupap, for the non-disclosure of information, mandatory disclosure of which is provided by the Laws of Ukraine «On access to public information «and» On the Principles of Prevention and Counteraction of Corruption «and for violation of the procedure for such disclosure, as well as for the unjustified classification of information to restricted information, failure to provide an answer to a request for information tion, providing information, providing false information, illegal refusal taken and consideration of applications.