Individualization Of Land Plots As A Condition For Their Involvement In Civilian Turnover

  • I.V. Myronenko
Keywords: lot land, individualization of lot land, forming a lot land, state registration of right of own to the lot land.


In the given article there are considered questions concerning of individualization of lot lands. Object of legal relations are individualized objects of material peace, which selection among other similar objects. It causes actuality of question of individualization of lot lands. The individualization of lot lands is obligatory condition of acquisition legal mode of object of civil laws. Forming lot lands and state registration of rights on them is independent procedures, which are regulated by the different acts of legislation. Such individualization is secured by procedures of forming a lot land and state registration of right for own. This procedures were fully well-regulated by the active law now. But the legislation of previous time set the more simplified requirements concerning individualization of lot lands, which did not correspond of active law. So we have the contradictions in practice of the legal adjusting now, which will remove in the process of individualization of lot lands in obedience to the actual requirements.