Trends of criminal law policy in the field of combating criminal offenses committed with the use of violence

  • I.V. Kozych
Keywords: legislation, criminal law policy, violence, sexual exploitation of children and child pornography, protection of journalists, murder, grievous bodily harm, rape, illegal trafficking of weapons and ammunition


In the article, the author pays attention to the study of the main trends of the legislation of the European Union regarding the prevention of crimes that begin with the use of violence, and their implementation in domestic legislation. It has been established that usually such actions take place in the context of counteracting those actions that are at the center of the EU’s criminal law policy and are constantly cited in numerous directives and regulations. The «serious crime» group includes criminal offenses in which the upper limit of punishment is at least 3 years of custodial sentence or detention order. The main direction of Ukraine’s criminal law policy in the nearest future is the implementation of EU legislation, including regarding acts committed with the use of violence.