Criminal deaths as a hyperbolized threat to human security in Ukraine

  • V.V. Shablystiy
Keywords: human security, violence, criminal deaths, intentional homicide, grievous bodily harm, prevention of intentional homicides, Victory.


In the article, based on the study of the state of criminal deaths as a hyperbolized threat to human security in Ukraine at the current stage of state formation, an attempt is made to develop recommendations for ensuring personal security of a person.
In particular, it was established that the escalation of violence and the undeclared war in 2014 pushed Ukraine, with a ratio of 27.41 intentional murders per 100,000 population, to the countries of Latin America and the Caribbean. From 2015 to 2021, the rate of criminal deaths per 100,000 population decreased by 10 points, and compared to 2014, by 18.
It has been established that the number of Ukrainian citizens killed by a group of inadequate non-humans, who can only fight with the civilian population, from February 24, 2022, will again put our country in first place according to such a sad indicator.
Attention is focused on the fact that the level of violent crime in the EU countries is another indisputable argument in favor of the European aspirations of the Ukrainian people - it is not only high social standards in everything, but also respect for oneself and others, education from early childhood of a sense of tolerance, normal perception of those manifestations of objective reality, which in the USSR were considered a crime, or their existence was denied.
The hypothesis was expressed that after our joint Victory on Mordor there will necessarily be a very gradual decrease in the rate of criminal deaths, which will definitely make this threat to the security of an individual and the Ukrainian state as a whole less acute.