The State Criminal Enforcement Service of Ukraine and the Prison Service of the Republic of Poland: directions of international cooperation

  • Yu.V. Kerniakevych-Tanasiychuk
Keywords: criminal enforcement policy; subjects of criminal enforcement policy implementation; international cooperation; exchange of experience in the field of execution and serving of punishments; international scientific cooperation.


The scientific article presents a retrospective analysis of the main areas of international cooperation between the State Criminal Enforcement Service of Ukraine and the Prison Service of the Republic of Poland. The main subjects of the implementation of criminal enforcement policy in Ukraine and the Republic of Poland are identified, their organizational structure and set of powers, which are fixed at the level of criminal enforcement codes and specific laws of each state, are outlined. The key vectors of Ukrainian-Polish cooperation in the field of execution and serving of sentences are singled out, including: 1) exchange of experience between the parties as a result of the organization and holding of seminars and working meetings, as well as with the help of study visits, which make it possible to solve practical issues related to with activities and implementation of acquired experience and organization of internships; 2) exchange of information, documentation and relevant materials within the framework of the national legislation of the states, as well as preparation of publications in areas of cooperation; 3) implementation of joint research related to the problems of penitentiary agencies of Ukraine and Poland; 4) development and joint participation in programs financed by the European Union; 5) provision of experts as advisors regarding the development of legislative acts or the implementation of the acquired experience; 6) improvement of the system of training and advanced training of personnel in the field of organization of execution of punishments, taking into account the norms of international law, which relate to issues of treatment of convicts, etc. The most important joint measures of Ukraine and Poland, which were implemented during the last decade in the field of criminal enforcement policy, were mentioned. It was emphasized that in the conditions of martial law in Ukraine, the Prison Service of the Republic of Poland regularly provides humanitarian assistance, primarily to employees and convicted persons of the institutions of the North-Eastern Interregional Administration for the Execution of Criminal Punishments, which are at the epicenter of hostilities, for which it is necessary express special thanks to Polish partners. Special attention is focused on scientific international cooperation, as well as prospects for further exchange of experience between partner parties in the field of execution and serving of punishments.