The role of the professional culture of a lawyer in legal practice

  • N.M. Savetchuk
Keywords: professional culture of a lawyer, professional lawyer, legal culture of a lawyer, moral culture of a lawyer, political culture of a lawyer


The article investigates the notion, nature, and significance of professional culture in legal practice. It has been established that the successful solution of relevant and significant problems in the state depends on the high degree of professional culture and professionalism of attorneys. The author highlights the nature of this category, given that the profession of a lawyer is one of the most demanded in Ukraine, however, it is professional lawyers that our society needs today. The formation of a new, rethought essence of the lawyer’s professional culture is connected with the implementation of the duties assigned to them in the field of human rights protection.
The professional culture of a lawyer is considered to be a complex notion, a subcultural phenomenon since it contains a system of knowledge about the elements of different culture types that are necessary for a lawyer in their professional practice. In other words, this concept covers the doctrine of the legal, political, moral, and psychological culture of a lawyer, etc.
The formation of the professional culture of a lawyer consists of the following stages: the stage of awareness of a university student of the purpose of the legal profession; the stage of familiarization with the features and tasks of one or more legal professions; the stage of formation of a lawyer as a professional in his field; and the stage of permanent skill improvement.
Professionalism is a critical component of lawyers’ professional culture since society expects their actions that meet the requirements of humanism, justice, and legality to provide effective results.