Concept and content of gender equality: legal aspect

  • N.M. Savetchuk
  • V.P. Pytliovana
Keywords: gender, gender equality, gender relations, human rights, principle of equality.


The article studies the concept, essence, and content of gender equality as a legal category. Examples of definitions regarding the understanding of gender equality are provided. It was determined that Ukraine shares the gender principles regarding the establishment of equal rights and opportunities for women and men, declared in international documents.
Today, gender equality is considered the main value of the third millennium, along with other values, such as justice, tolerance and freedom.
A democratic society must provide equal opportunities for men and women to participate in all spheres of life. Therefore, it is imperative that gender discrimination be eliminated at the state level.
It is recognized that effective regulation of gender relations is crucial for promoting gender equality, preventing gender discrimination, and ensuring equal participation of both genders in socially important decisions. This regulation also ensures equal opportunities for men and women in their professional duties and responsibilities.
Today, gender equality is a crucial factor in a country’s development, and in the era of globalization, every society must address the issue of gender inequality.
It has been established that gender equality is a fundamental component of the general principle of equality. This means that every individual should be treated equally, regardless of their gender. Gender equality, as a legal concept, encompasses the equal rights and opportunities for individuals of all genders, providing the same conditions for the realization of their potential, and affirming the fundamental rights of both women and men.
It is emphasized that Ukraine has made some positive changes in terms of gender equality at a legislative level. However, there has been no significant progress in implementation, which has resulted in Ukraine receiving low international ratings regarding gender equality.

Theoretical, comparative, historical principles of legal regulation