Features Of Preparation Of Separate Criminal Procedural Documents

  • I.V. Basysta
Keywords: investigation of criminal offences, the investigator, document, message, indictment, query, procedure, source of evidence.


The article is devoted to the peculiarities of preparation of separate criminal procedural documents, as in criminal proceedings is important that the procedural source of evidence as documents. In the current criminal procedure code contains a separate requirement to the number of criminal procedural documents, but some of them are not fully consistent with each other, and on some of the elements of a number of documents are installed in the gaps in the regulation of basic requirements. It is the coverage of such individual features of the training of criminal procedural documents devoted to this publication.

Today, a number of research contains the individual elements of the considered perspective, however, under the applicable requirements such as the use of official style, adherence to the details in the preparation of a separate procedural documents in criminal proceedings studied superficially.

For preparation of documents at all stages should be applied for formal business style is the language of business documents. Field use of the business determines its style genre branching, and most genres of business language reflects social interaction. The basic unit official-business style is document.

Official-business style is one of the oldest styles. Lat service sector, thematic variety and heterogeneity of situations require different language processing, which in turn makes possible the selection in the style of some types of branches: legislative, diplomatic, legal and administrative-clerical. In turn, legal style is used in law. This pastel is implemented in claims, protocols, orders, requests, messages and the like. Also, this pastel «accompanies» the official attitude of a person from birth to death, and therefore differs detailed regulation and the greatest diversity of genre. Function business style is that compliance with the appropriate form for transmission of the content gives the basis to consider the document official.