Putting The Obligation Of The Debtor To A Third Party: Issues Of Jurisprudence


  • O.Ya. Kuzmych


commitment, debtor, contract, third party.


The article deals with the application problems of imposing of the debtor obligation to third parties in judicial practice, special attention is devoted to the question of the transactions committing, which mediate such obligation.

Imposing the obligation of the debtor to a third party can use various contractual structures, including the participation of third parties (including structures contracts to a third person and the performance of third parties). Restrictions on this occasion might arise unless the specifics of certain liabilities for which other persons are involved; given the interests of the parties and the main obligations of third parties on which rests the obligation of the debtor transaction, which is mediated by a laying, the form must match the form of the transaction, under which there was a corresponding obligation.