The estimation of supremum distribution of solution of hyperbolic equations with Orlicz right side


  • B.V. Dovhai Taras Shevchenko National University, 64/13 Volodymyrska str., 01601, Kyiv, Ukraine


hyperbolic equation, supremum distribution, Orlicz random field
Published online: 2013-12-30


We consider the hyperbolic equation with homogeneous initial and boundary conditions and Orlicz right side. An estimate of supremum distribution of the problem solution is obtained in case of existence of a solution in the form of uniformly convergent in probability series. Examples of strictly Orlicz random fields that satisfy these conditions are showed.

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Dovhai, B. The Estimation of Supremum Distribution of Solution of Hyperbolic Equations With Orlicz Right Side. Carpathian Math. Publ. 2013, 5, 231-241.