Wick calculus on spaces of regular generalized functions of Levy white noise analysis


  • M.M. Frei Vasyl Stefanyk Precarpathian National University, 57 Shevchenka str., 76018, Ivano-Frankivsk, Ukraine


Levy process, stochastic differentiation, Wick product
Published online: 2018-07-03


Many objects of the Gaussian white noise analysis (spaces of test and generalized functions, stochastic integrals and derivatives, etc.) can be constructed and studied in terms of so-called chaotic decompositions, based on a chaotic representation property (CRP): roughly speaking, any square integrable with respect to the Gaussian measure random variable can be decomposed in a series of Ito's stochastic integrals from nonrandom functions. In the Levy analysis there is no the CRP (except the Gaussian and Poissonian particular cases). Nevertheless, there are different generalizations of this property. Using these generalizations, one can construct different spaces of test and generalized functions. And in any case it is necessary to introduce a natural product on spaces of generalized functions, and to study related topics. This product is called a Wick product, as in the Gaussian analysis.

The construction of the Wick product in the Levy analysis depends, in particular, on the selected generalization of the CRP. In this paper we deal with Lytvynov's generalization of the CRP and with the corresponding spaces of regular generalized functions. The goal of the paper is to introduce and to study the Wick product on these spaces, and to consider some related topics (Wick versions of holomorphic functions, interconnection of the Wick calculus with operators of stochastic differentiation). Main results of the paper consist in study of properties of the Wick product and of the Wick versions of holomorphic functions. In particular, we proved that an operator of stochastic differentiation is a differentiation (satisfies the Leibniz rule) with respect to the Wick multiplication.

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