Coupled coincidence point results for contraction of $C$-class mappings in ordered uniform spaces

  • A.H. Ansari Department of Mathematics, Islamic Azad University, 31485-313, Karaj, Iran
  • D. Binbasioglu Department of Mathematics, Gaziosmanpasa University, 60250, Tokat, Turkey
  • D. Turkoglu Department of Mathematics, Gazi University, 06500, Ankara, Turkey
Keywords: coupled coincidence point, $C$-class mapping, ordered uniform space
Published online: 2019-06-30


In the literature there is a lot of works related to fixed point theory. The theory has many applications and some authors are interested in these applications in various spaces. In 2009, Altun I. and Imdad M. defined the order relation on uniform spaces and the concept of compatibility of mappings. Later Ansari A.H. defined the $C$-class function concept. In this paper, we take some ultra altering distance and $C$-class functions, then we prove some coupled coincidence point theorems for a mapping providing mixed $g$-monotonicity property in ordered uniform spaces. We also give the appropriate examples.

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Ansari A., Binbasioglu D., Turkoglu D. Coupled Coincidence Point Results for Contraction of $C$-Class Mappings in Ordered Uniform Spaces. Carpathian Math. Publ. 2019, 11 (1), 3-13.