A note on compact-like semitopological groups

Keywords: semitopological group, paratopological group, compact-like semitopological group, compact-like paratopological group, continuity of the inverse, joint continuity, separation axioms, countably compact paratopological group, feebly compact topological group
Published online: 2019-12-31


We present a few results related to separation axioms and automatic continuity of operations in compact-like semitopological groups. In particular, is provided a semiregular semitopological group $G$ which is not $T_3$. We show that each weakly semiregular compact semitopological group is a topological group. On the other hand, constructed examples of quasiregular $T_1$ compact and $T_2$ sequentially compact quasitopological groups, which are not paratopological groups. Also we prove that a semitopological group $(G,\tau)$ is a topological group provided there exists a Hausdorff topology $\sigma\supset\tau$ on $G$ such that $(G,\sigma)$ is a precompact topological group and $(G,\tau)$ is weakly semiregular or $(G,\sigma)$ is a feebly compact paratopological group and $(G,\tau)$ is $T_3$.

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