Related fixed point results via $\mathit{C_{*}}$-class functions on $C^{*}$-algebra-valued $G_{b}$-metric spaces

Keywords: fixed point, $\mathit{C_{*}}$-class function, $C^{*}$-algebra-valued $G_{b}$-metric space
Published online: 2020-06-12


We initiate the concept of $C^{*}$-algebra-valued $G_{b}$-metric spaces. We study some basic properties of such spaces and then prove some fixed point theorems for Banach and Kannan types via $\mathit{C_{*}}$-class functions. Also, some nontrivial examples are presented to ensure the effectiveness and applicability of the obtained results.

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Moeini B., Işik H., Aydi H. Related Fixed Point Results via $\mathit{C_{*}}$-Class Functions on $C^{*}$-Algebra-Valued $G_{b}$-Metric Spaces. Carpathian Math. Publ. 2020, 12 (1), 94-106.