Lu-V-{Ge, Sn} ternary systems


  • L. Romaka Ivan Franko L’viv National University
  • M. Konyk Ivan Franko L’viv National University
  • Yu. Stadnyk Ivan Franko L’viv National University
  • V. Romaka Lviv Polytechnic National University
  • R. Serkiz Ivan Franko L’viv National University



Intermetallics, Ternary system, Solid solution, Phase equilibria


The isothermal sections of the phase diagrams of the Lu–V–Ge and Lu-V-Sn ternary systems were constructed at 870 K over the whole concentration range using X-ray diffraction and EPM analyses. In the Lu-V-Ge system a formation of the substitutional solid solution Lu5Ge3-xVx based on the Lu5Ge3binary compound (Mn5Si3 structure type) was found up to 6 at. % V. Insertion of the V atoms in the structure of the LuGe2 binary germanide (ZrSi2structure type, up to 5 aт. % V) results in the formation of the LuV0,15Ge2 ternary phase (CeNiSi2 structure type, space group Cmcma=0.40210(4),b=1.5661(1), c=0.38876(3) nm), which corresponds to the limit composition of the interstitial solid solution LuVxGe2. The interaction between the elements in the Lu-V-Sn system results in the formation of one ternary compound LuV6Sn6 (SmMn6Sn6-type, space group P6/mmma=0.5503(2), c=0.9171(4) nm) at investigated temperature.


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Romaka, L., Konyk, M., Stadnyk, Y., Romaka, V., & Serkiz, R. (2019). Lu-V-{Ge, Sn} ternary systems. Physics and Chemistry of Solid State, 20(1), 69–76.




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