Phase equilibrium diagram of the Hf-Fe-Sn system at 1070 K


  • L. Romaka Ivan Franko National University of Lviv
  • V.V. Romaka Techniscne Universitat Dresden
  • Yu. Stadnyk Ivan Franko National University of Lviv
  • V. Pashkevych Lviv Polytechnic National University



Intermetallics, Phase diagrams, X-ray diffraction, Scanning electron microscopy


Experimental studies of the phase equilibrium diagram of the Hf-Fe-Sn ternary system at 1070 K were performed by X-ray powder diffractometry, scanning electron microscopy and electron probe microanalysis techniques in the whole concentration range. At annealing temperature four ternary compounds are realized: Hf6FeSn2 (K2UF6 structure type, space group P-62m), Hf1.8Fe5Sn3.8 (Hf1.82Fe5Sn3.82 structure type, space group Cmmm), Hf3Fe4Sn4 (Zr3Fe4Sn4 structure type, space group Pnma), and Hf9Fe3.7Sn10.3 (Hf9Fe4Sn10 structure type, space group Cmc21). An existence of the Hf1-xFe2+x-ySny solid solution formed by substitution of the iron atoms by tin in the Hf1-xFe2+x (MgZn2-type) binary compound up to 19 at. % Sn was found. Solubility of Fe in the Hf5Sn3 binary (Mn5Si3-type) extends up to 10 at. % (a=0.8363(2)-0.8324(4), c=0.5726(1)-0.5686(4) nm).


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Romaka, L., Romaka, V., Stadnyk, Y., & Pashkevych, V. (2021). Phase equilibrium diagram of the Hf-Fe-Sn system at 1070 K. Physics and Chemistry of Solid State, 22(4), 761–766.



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