Si-Ge whiskers for thermoelectric sensors design


  • A.A. Druzhinin Lviv Polytechnic National University
  • I.P. Ostrovskii Lviv National Polytechnic University
  • Yu.M. Khoverko Lviv National Polytechnic University
  • N.S. Liakh-Kaguy Lviv Polytechnic National University



Si-Ge, whiskers, Seebeck coefficient, thermal conductivity, figure of merit, sensor


The paper deals with studies of thermoelectric properties for Si1-xGex (x=0.01-0.05) whiskers doped with boron during their growth by CVD method. Temperature dependences of the resistance and the Seebeck coefficient for Si1-xGex whiskers were measured in the temperature range 275–550 K. A method for determination of thermoelectric parameters of the whisker was proposed with use of the whisker joints, which allows us to define a ratio of Seebeck coefficient to thermal conductivity a/k. Taking into account the obtained values of Seebeck coefficient, the whisker conductance and estimated values of thermal conductivity, parameter ZT was calculated for the whiskers and consists of 0.15 for T=200oC. The obtained value of ZT is in good coincidence with literature data for hop pressed Si-Ge nanocomposites. The humidity sensor was designed base on Si-Ge whiskers.


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Druzhinin, A., Ostrovskii, I., Khoverko, Y., & Liakh-Kaguy, N. (2020). Si-Ge whiskers for thermoelectric sensors design. Physics and Chemistry of Solid State, 21(3), 399–403.



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