Thermodynamıc Propertıes of the BiTe and Bi8Te9 Compounds


  • G.S. Hasanova Ganja State University
  • A.I. Aghazade Institute of Catalysis and Inorganic Chemistry, Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences
  • Y.A. Yusibov Ganja State University
  • M.B. Babanly Institute of Catalysis and Inorganic Chemistry, ANAS



bismuth tellurides, thermodynamic functions, EMF method, ionic liquid


Two-phase alloys Bi8Te9+Bi4Te5 and BiTe+Bi8Te9 were studied by the electromotive forces method (EMF) in the temperature range 300-450 K. From the EMF data, the relative partial molar functions of bismuth in the alloys were calculated. The potential-forming reactions responsible for these partial functions were compiled, the values of the standard thermodynamic functions of formation, and the standard entropies of Bi8Te9 and BiTe compounds were calculated. A comparative analysis of the data for BiTe with the literature data was carried out; for Bi8Te9, the thermodynamic functions were obtained for the first time.


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Hasanova, G., Aghazade, A., Yusibov, Y., & Babanly, M. (2020). Thermodynamıc Propertıes of the BiTe and Bi8Te9 Compounds. Physics and Chemistry of Solid State, 21(4), 714–719.



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