Physical Parameters of the Synthesized Complex Compound of Cobalt (II) with N, N'-Bis(salicylidene)semicarbazide


  • O.V. Osadchuk Vinnytsia National Technical University
  • V.V. Martyniuk Vinnytsia National Technical University
  • T.I. Sydoruk Vinnytsia National Technical University
  • O.O. Semenova Vinnytsia National Technical University



induction, temperature, magnetic field, concentration, semiconductor, heterometallic complex compounds


A new material of strontium tetraaquad[N, N'-bis(salicylidene)semicarbazidatocobalt(II)] dihydrate (I) with the following composition: Sr[CoL'(Н2О)2]22О, where H3L = N,N'-bis(salicylidene)semicarbazide was synthesized. The molar mass of the extracted and dehydrated complex compound Sr[Co (C15H14N3O5)]2 is 838.07 g/mol, and the number of valence electrons in one molecule is 256. A cylindrical sample with a mass of 0.09 g and a volume of 17.67∙10-9 m3 was utilized for experimental studies. Experimental measurements and theoretical calculations for the main physical parameters of the synthesized material were performed. Such quantities were calculated: the substance density, the molecule mass, the number of molecules in the test cylindrical sample,  the number of valence electrons, the bandgap. Dependences of specific conductivity, current density, resistance, the Hall coefficient, and charge carrier concentration on temperature were obtained.


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Osadchuk, O., Martyniuk, V., Sydoruk, T., & Semenova, O. (2020). Physical Parameters of the Synthesized Complex Compound of Cobalt (II) with N, N’-Bis(salicylidene)semicarbazide. Physics and Chemistry of Solid State, 21(4), 749–755.



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