Measurement of Thermoelectric Parameters of Thin-Film Semiconductor Materials Using the Harman Method

  • Y. Tur Drohobych Ivan Franko State Pedagogical University
  • Y. Pavlovskyi Drohobych Ivan Franko State Pedagogical University
  • I. Virt Rzeszow University
Keywords: thin films, lead telluride, thermoelectric quality factor, the Harman method, pulsed-laser deposition


For the analysis of the measurement of thermoelectric parameters of semiconductors, the Harman pulsed method was used. The authors propose a new approach to determine the thermoelectric quality factor of thin semiconductor films in the temperature interval (300 ÷ 500) K by directly measuring a series of electric circuit parameters. The theory of the method is described in detail and its application in the measurement methodology. The dependences of electrical quantities on the time, namely voltage – V(t), are investigated at different values of current pulses for thin films PbTe<Tl> grown by the pulsed laser deposition. 


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TurY., PavlovskyiY. and VirtI. 2019. Measurement of Thermoelectric Parameters of Thin-Film Semiconductor Materials Using the Harman Method. Physics and Chemistry of Solid State. 20, 3 (Oct. 2019), 306-310. DOI:
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