Improvement of aluminum properties by adding tungsten carbide using powder metallurgy


  • Z. N. Majeed Physics Department, College of Education for pure Sciences, Tikrit University, Tikrıt, Iraq
  • S.Y. Darweesh Physics Department, College of Education TuzKhurmatu, Tikrit University, Tikrit, Iraq
  • A.A. Fadhil Chemical Department, College of Engineering, Diyala University, Diyala, Iraq
  • A. F. A. Aziz Physics Department, College of Sciences, Tikrit University, Tikrıt, Iraq



compressive strength, hardness, Material, Composite, Wear Rate


Powder metallurgy is a usable technique with multiple industrial applications. The first reinforcement material (Al2O3) was used at a constant rate 10wt.%, while the second reinforcement material (tungsten carbide (WC) was used at different rates (0,5,10,15,20wt.%), and the base material is (Al). The three powders were ground together for two hours, and then they were poured into the mold. The compaction process was done with a hydraulic press at (5) tons for one minute. The resulting samples had green density, requiring a thermal sintering process in order to increase their durability and hardness. The sintering process was performed at 560°C for only two hours. Then, structural examinations (scanning electron microscope (SEM) and mechanical examinations (Brinell hardness, compressive strength, and wear) were performed on the sintered samples. The results showed that the best reinforcement rate was 20%, and after thermal sintering, the best Brinell hardness was 146.72 HB, with the highest compressive strength of 45.33MPa, while the lowest wear rate was 1.18×10-8g/cm.


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