Cultorological Approach to Training of the Future Managers of Tourism in Precarpathia


  • Marianna Chorna



training of tourism experts, cultorological approach, ethical principles of hospitality in green tourism


The article deals with the «culturological approach» to the professional training of future
managers of tourism in Precarpathia. As the Precarpathian region attracts thousands of tourists
year-round the demand of training qualified specialists in the sphere of tourism and hospitality is
constantly growing.
Nowadays the question of a successful and perspectives career in tourism results in training a
new standard professional, a specialist of many-sided knowledge,with the ability to fulfil tasks
concerning thinking over, making and realizing management decisions. In order to develop tourist
Carpathian region, the Precarpathian National University named after V.Stefanyk educates future
experts in such specialities as "Tourism" and "Hospitality Industry".
Involving youth in social cultural values and ideals, education contributes to maintaining social
order and by providing realization of new technologies, scientific rethinking of existing knowledge
education promotes social changes, society development, i.e. education operates as an agent of
moral regulation facilitating social integration.
Different interpretations of the concept «culture» were studied. The conclusion that culture is a
multiaspect and multifunctional notion was made.
Cultorological approach in education provides effectiveness of the process of putting culture as
a social phenomenon into action. The fact of culturological direction extending of the whole
educational process in the university interrelating to its components (common-cultural,
professional and functional) is of great importance. Cultorological approach introduction to the
process of training of the future tourism experts that is aimed at the developing of civil society
values and an independent creative personality is a premise of modernization of higher education
in Ukraine




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