Michael Gorbovy as an Organizer of the Scouting Movement in Gutsulschina (the Beginning of the XX Century)


  • Iryna Didukh




scouting movement, Plast, alternative children's institutions


The Ukrainian scouting movement on western Ukrainian territories reached the highest
level during the interwar period. Despite the relative integrity it had its own features in Galicia,
Volyn', on Bukovyna, Transcarpathia. As living conditions turned out to be peaceful, old plast
centres started to form in schools. "Plast" in Galicia was an example of inheritance and incentive to
the development on other western Ukrainian territories and in emigration.
The figure of famous Hutsul plastun Michael Gorbovy (1896 – 1941) is very interesting and
multidimensional. Indeed, it is a symbolic name in the history of Ukrainian scout organization. He
was a member of many national public organizations. With his name economic and cooperative
activities of "Plast" in Gutsulschina are connected. He was the organizer of craft departments of
"Plast". The unicity of this disjoint person is expressed in his great love for Ukraine and
responsibility for its future. Gorbovy considered physical, moral and national-patriotic education
of children and youth as his main task. He strived to spread the idea of Ukrainian scouting among
wide groups of people. For this work on 22th of May, 1924 he was awarded with a plast title of a
scoutmaster. Michael Gorbovy formed national consciousness, high spirituality, love of God and
Ukraine among youth for the "great aim" which is to build an independent Ukrainian nation.
Experts qualify current spiritual and moral state of the Ukrainian society as "crisis". School is
not able to fill the educational vacuum which has appeared after the elimination of the Pioneer and
Komsomol organizations. No new alternative children's institutions have been suggested. In such a
difficult situation the experience of the activity of the Ukrainian scouting movement may be useful.
Creative and practical achievements of "Plast" leaders as key figures and main carriers of the plast's
educational methods are especially important. These include a figure of the leader of the Ukrainian
Scouting movement in Gutsulschina, Michael Gorbovy




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