Pedagogical Support of Gifted Students from Carpathian Mountain Areas by Means of Folk Art Crafts


  • Iryna Kozlovska
  • Oksana Bilyk
  • Yuriy Kozlovsky



gifted students, pedagogical support, vocational schools, folk art crafts.


This paper, presented at the Conference Plenary the possibilities of pedagogical support
of gifted students from vocational schools, living in the mountainous areas of the Carpathians.
Education of talented and gifted students requires pedagogical support. The specific conditions, in
which Carpathian students live, require the development of pedagogical support of their abilities.
New approaches to teaching science, which led to the selection of topics of this article are
described. Gifted personalities differ from their peers by same criterias. The social aspect of the
problem remains in the shadow: not to be ashamed of your talent and not to compare it with
cliches. And goals of educators and psychologists have to be slightly different as is common.
Widespread Carpathian crafts include: embroidery, artistic textiles producing, carpet manufacture,
carving, pottery, metalworking, fabric painting, knitting, lace, artistic weaving, artistic working of
leather, stones, bones and horns. Nowadays, some detachment of mountainous regions has
significantly reduced due to new means of communication, including the Internet. The possibilities
of colleges in mountainous regions still cannot reach the level of the colleges in capital. In
Carpathian and Prykrpattya regions there is a number of vocational schools of art direction.
During the execution of creative work in class industrial training necessary for students to comply
with the rules of relationships form and decoration in various ways: decorative motif obeys the
functional form, enriching it artistic and creative solutions, utilitarian function obeys the decorative
motif Products, the form of the product can be extremely decorative, artistic and creative product
solutions focused on practical value and decorative value of the product. Pedagogical support of
gifted students from art colleges in the Carpathian region has extremely wide range of
opportunities. The problem of finding and nurturing talents is important for everyone who may
take a little thought about the prospect of human development. The practicability of folk art crafts,
as a means of developing skills and creativity of students, use is substantiated.




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