Theoretical Training of Modern School Teacher in Poland and Ukraine


  • Oleksandr Kuchai



teacher training, universities, schools, Poland, Ukraine


The article presents the humanization and democratization of the educational process of
vocational and educational training teachers Ukraine, implementation of new educational
technologies, finding the most optimal conceptual approaches to the development of national
pedagogy cause growth of scientific and practical interest to study the experience of secondary and
higher education, including the Republic of Poland. European requirements for teacher training,
the quality of their professional qualifications and competencies, professional development of
teachers - is the most pressing issue of training teachers in Europe. Polish scientists actively
working on finding optimal ways of improving training of primary school teachers in higher
education. The most important industrial and educational and developmental functions performed
by primary school teacher in the Ukraine, is a professional and personal self-help that improve the
professional competence and pedagogical skills through personal and professional selfdevelopment, creating conditions for self-development and self-disclosure by the child selfdevelopment technologies and techniques.




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