Ukraine and Poland: Facing the 21st Century Challenges

  • Igor Tsependa Vasyl Stefanyk Precarpathian National University
Keywords: Ukraine, Poland, historiography, Ukrainian-Polish relationship, relations between the states, political elites, European integration, visa regulations, regional security


Establishing a common strategic framework is a decisive factor in the Ukrainian-Polish
relations in the current social and political context. The complexity of the partnership between the
two states arise from their geographical location on the borderline between civilizations, the site of
historical cataclysms. At the same time, national sovereignty of was always a high priority for both
peoples. The recognition of Ukraine’s independence by Poland marked a new stage of
rapprochement between Warsaw and Kyiv, the act being evidence of maturity of the Polish
political elite. Poland made its best to promote the interest of Ukraine in the international political
arena. The article suggests periodization in the history of the Ukrainian-Polish partnership.
Ukrainian policy can be modelled on Poland’s experience of the transformation of society.
Being a member of the European Union, Poland advocates the idea of European and EuroAtlantic integration of Ukraine. Increased economic cooperation is one of the aspects of the
Ukrainian-Polish partnership. Cooperation at regional level, between local government bodies is
also important for the relations between the two states. Step by step, visa regulations are being
liberalized, interpersonal contacts broadened. The beginning of the 21st century witnesses a change
in political consciousness of Ukrainian and Polish people, who reconsider painful events from their

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