Ukraine and the East: Culturological Aspect

  • Oleh Pylypiuk Vasyl Stefanyk Precarpathian National University
Keywords: archetype, spirituality, mentality, East – West, universals


Modern Oriental studies regard the East as the cradle of the world’s civilization, a web
of unique cultural formations. Within the modern East–West paradigm, the research into the
values of tradition should be underpinned by dominant axiological concepts in order to
systematize contemporary ideas of the world, nature, the individual and mentality. In accordance
with the central methodological principle of the research, archetypes are regarded as cultural
universals. In the article, the typology of the cosmological and the spiritual elements (the Moon
and the Word respectively) in the Oriental and Ukrainian traditions are highlighted, the emphasis
being laid on the analysis of the semantic and thematic fields of the two archetypes

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