An Individual’s Gender Experience: Socio-Cultural Context

  • Larysa Zahrai Vasyl Stefanyk Precarpathian National University
Keywords: gender experience, gender schemas, social constructivism, cultural texts, socio-cultural experience, interpretation, masculinity, femininity


The article highlights gender experience development in an individual. The sociocultural context of gender identity development is addressed from the perspective of social
constructivism. The author describes the mechanism of constructing gender schemas and norms
which reflect socio-cultural experience. Drawing on poststructuralist ideas, the author explores
cultural texts which encode assumptions and concepts that serve as schemas for perceiving and
understanding reality, for reflecting the processes of an individual’s development as a discursive
being in his or her interpretation of socio-cultural experience. The article also analyzes masculinity
and femininity models shaped by socio-cultural schemas and explores gender role expectations
among the young people in Ukraine

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